2014 – to the present time.
Post cardiac operation (2014) recovery and reflection.
Online educational development and course creation.
Skype coaching and mentoring development.

From 2014 back to 2004
In the 10 years prior to 2014 Ash was a life coach and performance enhancement coach to elite athletes, other coaches, business people and celebrities.

 “Ash provided renewed focus and clarity…Greater life balance along with a high degree of self leadership.”
~ Drew Ginn, OAM, Triple Olympic Gold Medallist

 “I have gone from strength to strength in all aspects of my life” ~ Heather Park, Tax and Legal Quality Risk and Regulation Leader, Asia Pacific at Deloitte.

“Ash is a great mental skills coach, highly recommended”
~ Kevin Sheedy. Legendary AFL (Australian Football League) Coach.

 “… I sought to find the best individual to assist me to coach my athletes in matters of the mind and life skills. I found that person in Ash. He is a unique person who brings a whole new dimension to psychology and sport performance”
~ John Quinn, Former Fitness Coach and high-performance manager at Essendon Football Club (AFL), Australian Olympic Team Coach (Track and Field) Sydney 2000
“I found working with Ash provided a framework for reviewing and improving a whole range of elements in both my working 
and personal life. Highly recommended”
~ David Redman, Film Producer, Director Instinct Entertainment

From 2004 back to 1986
Here is Ash’s account of the beginnings of his professional life.
“The first phase of my professional life began some 30 years ago through a near death experience that occurred when both my hands locked onto a live electrical wire.
Unable to let go and with my body shaking wildly as the electricity blasted through me –  I was being electrocuted. Amid that chaos I was somehow transported to a place deep within me of absolute clarity.The import the moment being to make the choice to live or to die. I felt the deep inner peace the death option offered alluring….But having momentarily fell into that I immediately experienced a deep URGE TO LIVE surging up within me. The next moment I fought for my life as I somehow shook my hands free of the livewire and fell to the ground in a desperate sense of relief. Soon after I felt a clear conviction to serve people in a deeper way. For the following years up until 2004 I was a Counsellor and Psychotherapist assisting individuals and couples to heal and… Pardon the pun… BREAK FREE of whatever held them to the past so that they could move forward andmove on into a better life”.

“I was lucky enough to have found Ash during a troubled time in my life. Whole new possibilities opened up for me through the work with him and my introduction to the Hakomi method. Ash is unique in my experience in his capacity to draw on a wide range of approaches, stories and disciplines to suit the individual and the moment. There is both a depth and rich integration in his work that makes him stand out among practitioners”. ~ Ellen Koshland

 Ash was a Certified Psychotherapist in the mindfulness-based Hakomi Method based in Boulder Colorado. He holds a Graduate Degree in Education from La Trobe University, Individual and marriage/relationship counselling qualifications from Cairnmillar Institute.

Ash was a long term student of Jungian Analyst Dr Arnold Mindel’s Process Oriented Psychology, at Portland, Oregon where he studied in eldership and leadership training, social responsibility, gender dynamics, cross cultural issues, conflict resolution and group facilitation.

 In addition to sessions with individuals and couples Ash developed and facilitated many groups and retreats such as relationship building couples retreats, emotional intelligence and stress reduction seminars. He was an Australian pioneer and leader in men’s behavior change and well-being. The weekly Tuesday evening men’s personal development community commenced in 1990 and was continuous for 13 years.

 “This was a place I could truly be myself” ~ David Rubenis

 Ash ceased working as a counsellor and psychotherapist in 2004.

These years were foundational in Ash’s work as they provided profound encounters of healing and transformation with many people from all walks of life. This gave his post 2004 coaching and online presence an all too rare depth, perspective and transformative capacity.

In individual coaching sessions online via Skype or in person in Melbourne, Ash can provide insights and expertise that can achieve exceptional long-term results within a short timeframe.

Email Ash at [email protected] to register your interest.

 “I am far happier within myself. I've gained a much more integrated outlook on life and have increased capacity to deal with life's challenges... I really enjoyed our sessions”
~ Martin Sevior, Associate Professor, Physics, Melbourne University

“I have become more focused, positive, productive and valuable in both my business environment and within my personal relationships. I cannot recommend Ash more highly…”
~ Steve Jones. Partner, Business Advisory and Taxation. PKF Australia

 “Having worked with champion speakers, comedians, trainers, and business leaders over the past 40 years, you might say I've been a coach to the coaches. I reached a crisis in my own life and contacted Ash. I have experienced many talented coaches, counsellors and therapists, but it was only when I began working with Ash that I began to ‘really’ heal, forgive and reclaim my dream and direction”
~ Pete Crofts, Pete Crofts Humourversity


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